God: You really don’t know anything at all …

I promised the fella who said this to me that I’d quote him. Well, I think I’ll just leave it as an excellent opening to my fabulous new blog space.

Opinions matter. I was told I knew nothing when I suggested that a particular wine was ‘boring’. To me it was! It had just been hoisted onto an ‘aromatic’ platform. If by ‘aroma’ we mean ‘aromatic’ then I suppose almost every wine is aromatic.

If we say its aromatic because it has been made from an ‘aromatic grape’ then we are on dangerous ground. I know a lot of Cabernet Sauvignons that stretch their tannic credentials!!

An aromatic wine needs to display a pile of uplifting aromatics! Otherwise, within the context of aromatics it is decidedly    Boring   …

But God forbid anyone to say that the emperor may indeed be naked ……

Here are two brilliant Aromatic Wines from last weeks New Zealand Wine Fair masterclass in Dublin.

Felton Road Dry Riesling Central Otago 2017    €31.95           JN Wines



Instant bouquet. Tropical fruits with a load of citric elements. Extreme acidity balanced by exquisite ripe fruit. Long finish. Balance is beautiful and satisfaction immense.

Whitehaven Gewurztraminer Marlborough 2017  €17.00    O’Briens Wines


Think soft Turkish delight in a rosewater and lychee soup.  Not a lot of acidity but has a great ‘bite to it’. This screams, ‘I Am Aromatic’ and can with a great deal of confidence be described as Very Perfumed. Fabulous winemaking

So, where does this leave God and me? No-one really cares but if I don’t see the aromatics it doesn’t means I know nothing. And if you positively hate the two wines above then, ‘Well Done’.

Your opinion really does make a difference and yes, we are listening

Welcome to my Wine Ireland blog ….. where most of the wines we mention will be value for money  in a world gone mad recommending wines none of us can afford .. !