Tindal Wine Merchants: It’s all about the people…

Wine companies come in all shapes and sizes from large grey corporate types to small one woman/one man operations. At times they distinguish themselves by their products, their customers or, indeed, by their unique set of suppliers. Tindal Wine Merchants held its annual portfolio tasting yesterday at the Marker Hotel. I came away with the distinct feeling that I had met as many interesting people as I had tasted wines. It’s a good feeling.

Tindal puts a lot of emphasis on its team. They even had a large pull-up at the door with everyone’s (smiling) face on it. They were all there. Eager to meet and greet. Eager to taste themselves. It created a great atmosphere in the room. It fed into how the winemakers worked the room. Wines are one thing but its the people who matter.

Wine tasting can be an odd experience when the taster embarks on a solo journey into wine filled glassware in front of the good folk who tended the fields, grew the grapes and made the wine. On this solo run the wine makers are ignored in favour of the wine. A note is made. Firm fruit, fine structure, marvelous tannin, 2016. Move on. Next wine. A hundred wines later, with a light buzz on the brain our taster leaves for work. Job done.

Opportunity Missed. The room was packed with some of the very finest. They could tell us stories from their grand parents, or why they decided to sell up in Bordeaux in favour of following Mourvedre in the Languedoc, or what the Clos was like a hundred years ago …

These are the reasons is Why the wines taste the way they do. Anyone can tell you What the wines taste like – but very few can tell us Why.

Have a look at these:

The extraordinary Badia a Coltibuano Chianti Classico Riserva 2012 explained!


The Appellation of La Clape may be only two years old but the fabulous quality of Chateau d’Angles shown here by Eric Fabre tells us why it came into being!

You’re the 10th generation winemaker at Weingut Malat in Austria. Why would you produce a label titled ‘Crazy Creatures’? The health of his vineyard and the purity of his wine goes hand in hand for Michael Malat as he brings up the 11th generation ….. If you ever get the chance. Try the Weingut Malat, Hohlgraben Alte Reben, Gruner Veltliner, Kremstal Reserve. From 50 year old vines it was a 2015 yesterday. 20180212_120928-COLLAGE

I have, of course, left many people out here  – and a great many wines. There are too many to mention. The Tindal Wine Merchants list has been carefully assembled over they years so that it represents what the Tindal family aspire to also: Integrity,  quality, honesty and interest. Now that’s not bad in today’s globalised wine trade!

For more on what Tindal has to offer to the trade have look a their website at https://www.tindalwine.com/

Anthony, Harriet and William Tindal  :  We don’t like the use of chemicals, pesticides and fertilisers, nor do we bulk ship our wines as the added handling and increased need for protective treatments impacts on quality. We travel extensively in search of wines considered to be truly representative of their terroir and amongst the best examples we can market and distribute.