Low Calorie or Low(ish) Alcohol: Tough Choice?

Recently we reported on an Aldi launch of its Featherweight range of wines. Love the Name!

The idea is that a low alcohol will give you a low-calorie count and therefore its better/good for you.

We trooped down to our local Aldi this weekend, bought a bottle of each wine, chilled them nicely and tasted.

Before we announce our verdict I might add that another new wine range from Aldi caught our eye(s). It has implications here!! Read on….

Featherweight - White Zinfandel

Featherweight - Pinot Grigio







Both wines sit comfortably into the category occupied by Blossom Hill, Barefoot etc. Pleasant, Fruity and Well Put Together. They emphasise fruitiness and do exactly as they promise. Low calorie, low alcohol, pleasant drink.







There are quite a few other Low and Zero alcohol wines on sale including the stylish sparkling from Cava producer Freixenet.

Freixenet Alcohol Free at SuperValu

What’s the point? Well, consuming less alcohol is good for you! (That’s assuming you drink a tad too much in the first instance.) Drinking the same volume as before may, however, be a fools paradise.

The other New Range we bought at Aldi is made up of three half bottles. What’s refreshing about these is that they are a genuine half price also!! Most half bottle ranges are considerably more than half the price of a regular bottle. Brand leader Santa Rita 120, for instance, can often be purchased at less than €10.00 for the 75cl bottle while the equivalent half will cost us €7.49.

The new Aldi half bottle range is very drinkable and consists of a Pinot Grigio and a Pinot Noir from Romania and a Malbec from Chile.

Each costs an honest €3.99.


Now here’s the rub. If these are very drinkable to enjoy slowly then reduce your intake back to a glass or two at any one time. We hardly need the full bottle of low alcohol wines  which never seem to deliver enjoyable grape varietal flavour but always deliver fruitiness instead?

We have choice now. That’s good. Low alcohol. Lowish alcohol. Half bottles at a proper price. And about time too.

19_BE Flight sauv blanc 60cm@300dpi_SHADOW
Brancott Estate Flight  Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc at only 9%vol at O’Briens Wines €11.95