The Wine Library: by Dermot Nolan MW


Dermot Nolan will always carry the title of ‘Ireland’s First Master of Wine. Other Irish came before and quite few after but Dermot’s achievement back in the 1980’s was a signal, noteworthy achievement, one that shone a bright light back into our fledgling wine trade. Dermot was the first to pass the exam from within our trade. Not London or the UK.     Ireland.

Last year Dermot opened a concept wine store in DunLaoghaire, Co Dublin – The Wine Library.

It’s well worth a visit. I say concept as it’s not like most other wine stores. You may be asked whether you mind the dog …. You will be met with many, many books. You may not find familiar labels!

The Wine Library’s excellence rests in Dermot and his guarantee that as a Master of Wine and as a seasoned retailer the wine you purchase will be fabulous.

I dropped in unannounced. While there I saw customers receiving free advice on all manner of topics – Vegan, Biodynamic, the grapes of Croatia and on and on. It really was a series of mini Master Classes disguised as sales!

We hope the Wine Library continues to succeed. Now, where else can I find Peter Sisseck’s Psi sitting beside a Yalumba organic Chardonnay?