Sauvignon Blanc Day: May 4th – make it zing!

Grapes have days. Yes. I know. Its odd. Do apples, oranges or bananas have ‘Days’? I don’t know. But Grapes do have Days and (tomorrow) May the 4th is the designated ‘Sauvignon Blanc Day‘.

New Zealand sort of controls the Day – much as Argentina ‘owns’ Malbec Day. Oh, that one was the week before last!! As well NZ might. Its press release today tells us that:

• New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc exports are worth $1.4 billion annually, which is over 80% of New Zealand’s total wine exports.
• The industry is working towards a goal of $2 billion of exports in 2020.

from Wine Folly – a truly brilliant wine education site.

So, is this just an elaborate marketing day-out across the world? Indeed it is. Don’t forget, however, that Sauvignon Blanc is a grape of French origin that has travelled the world well and continues to produce world class wines in France specifically in the Loire and Bordeaux. Both Chile and South Africa provide us with classy SBlancs also as do many other countries.

So, raise a glass of Sauvignon Blanc tomorrow. If New Zealand does it for you then PLEASE try its Rieslings. They are exquisite. Ah, that reminds us, Riesling has its Day also!

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