Taylor’s, Fonseca and Croft Vintage Ports :To Drink or Lay Away?

While the three major Port Houses, Taylor’s, Fonseca and Croft are held within the one stable –  The Fladgate Partnership – each has its own and unique identity. Each is excellent. To highlight this a tasting in Dublin recently introduced vintages from each label including the very recent 2016 declaration.


Quick Bites:

  • Vintage Port continues to be one of the very best wines to put away for your new born!
  • Quality levels and attention to detail at the Fladgate properties is exceptional.
  • Chris Forbes is a really great presenter!!
  • Green Man Wines in Terenure is a great place to hold a wine tasting.
  • The 2016 Taylor’s is a mighty fine product.
  • The Limited Release Taylor’s Historical Collection Tawny 1litre ‘bladder format’ bottle deserves to be one of the best Christmas wine gifts for 2018! Its a unique blend of ports destined to be age towards 10, 20, 30 and 40 year old tawnies.
  • Vintage Port is more approachable to drink as a young wine than ever before.
  • The climate of the year is very important and influences in a profound manner the final taste of the wine. 

Good news. Vintage Port can now age by lay away, be an extraordinary drink for any day, be tucked away for the babies day or presented as a gift as a very, very fine give away!