Sherry: Not Just for Christmas?

I was introduced to three extraordinary wines recently. Each is a half bottle of the most exquisite sherries. They are made by Barbadillo, family owned and one of the biggest and most successful producers of Sherry.

Each wine is a VORS (Very Old Rare Sherry or more accurately
Vinum Optimun Rare Signatum), suitably expensive and absolutely unforgettable.  Here they are!

Only 480 of each made in this batch!

VORS Principe Amontillado de Barbadillo 30 Years is astonishing. It has come from a selection of Manzanilla criaderas (Barbadillo is the largest producer of Manzanilla). If anyone wants to see how a light oxidative effect enhances an aged Manzanilla then look no further.  Amber with good depth, ripe citrus balanced with nuts and a fabulous depth of aged spices hanging onto a saline like acidity. Endless length! 

VORS Cuco Oloroso de Barbadillo 30 Years. I am a huge Oloroso fan. Perhaps I was expecting too much here or maybe its a style that reaches a climax and doesn’t really get much better . Don’t misunderstand me. This is a very fine wine.  All the hallmarks of excellence with tawny mahogany depth, big nuttiness with balsamic edges, vegetable, rotting leaves and light tobacco. Brilliant. But not unique as many Oloroso wines have similar character.

VORS Obispo Gascon de Barbadillo Palo Cortado 30 Years is exquisite. Fabulous clean lines in a wine laced with complexity where layers of interesting flavours and nuances are vying for discovery! Mature chestnut colour and a truly brilliant bouquet that brings citrus into play with mature and aged elements associated with an Oloroso. While I prefer the Amontillado this is every bit as good.

Barbadillo is imported to Ireland by Greenlea Wines a division of the Boyne Valley Group