Aldi Sparkles: all the way to Zero Alcohol!

While price is not an indicator of wine quality it is true that at the lowest price points taxes take up an inordinate amount of a wines price. This is especially true for fully sparkling wines in Ireland where we are unjustly penalised by a doubled excise simply because the wine has bubbles in it!

Point to note: not all bubbly wines are fully sparkling!! This explains why a frizzante Prosecco (low pressure) is less expensive than a Spumante Prosecco (full pressure). All Champagnes and Cava are fully sparkling.

At Aldi price is most certainly not an indicator of quality as its Veuve Monsigny Champagne Brut is a fine drink at only €19.99

… and how about a No Alcohol At All Sparkler … Aldi has brought us the ZeroPointZero range at the very honest price of only €3.49 … after all if there’s no alcohol there’s no excise duty either!! and there’s only 35 cals per serving..

Time for a few nibbles …. got to be a good sparkling match in here somewhere … bite size snacks begin at only €2.49 .. I fancy the King Prawn selection at €3.49 .. ‘coated in crispy coconut and mango, sesame breadcrumbs and tempura batter with a sweet chilli sauce‘ .. Christmas really is great fun!