Aldi Wines Sizzle: Bank Holiday Barbecue Beckons

Aldi continues to increase its presence in Ireland. Why?

Reliability and Good Value.

In Ireland ‘Good Value’ wine in a supermarket sense is hard to deliver because our excise rates are so damned high. It’s always easy to deliver ‘Value’ but ‘Good Value’ implies a well made wine.

The Excise Rates levied by our government on wine in Ireland are quite simply a money grabbing exercise and are indefensible.

See below for a complete breakdown of the tax on wine in Ireland and don’t forget to put 23% VAT onto these! That’s a Tax on a Tax – Where’s the ‘Value Added’ there?

It’s a Feast of Good Value Wine at Aldi

Our supermarkets do a fabulous job of bringing us Good Value Wine. As Aldi has, once again, topped the recent Kantar charts for growth in the Irish market I thought we should have a quick look to see what Wines are in store from Aldi for the Bank Holiday weekend.

Stars for me right now are the Don Tomas Argentinian Malbec €10.99 and the Riveras Sauvignon Blanc Leyda Valley Chile €12.99

I would also be more than happy to pick up any of the following … each is loyal to its grape, shows ample fruit, is well structured and has good length.


Exquisite Collection Picpoul de Pinet €8.99 France

Exquisite Collection Muscadet Sevre et Maine sur lie €8.99 France

Albante Albariño €10.99 Spain

Castellore Grillo Sauvignon Blanc €6.99 Italy

Rockstone Ranches Chardonnay €6.99 California

Banrock Station Chardonnay Verdelho €6.99 Australia

Hardy’s Chapter and Verse Pinot Grigio €7.49 Australia


Cotes du Luberon Rose €8.49 France


Toro Loco Bobal Merlot €6.99 Spain

Primanero Organic Primitivo €9.99 Italy

Banrock Station Shiraz Cabernet €6.99 Australia

Rockstone Ranches Malbec €6.99 California


Ireland’s IDIOTIC Excise Rates on Wine are as follows:

Still and sparkling, not exceeding 5.5% volume0.99c/70cl bt+23%
Still, exceeding 5.5% volume but not exceeding 15% volume2.97c/70cl bt+23%
Still, exceeding 15% volume4.32c/70cl bt+23%
Sparkling, exceeding 5.5% volume5.95/70cl bt+23% Note: this is exactly double the Still Wine Rate simply because it is Sparkling!! IDIOTIC …