Feudi di San Gregorio: Fabulous ‘Volcano’ Wines

I have been a long time fan of the wines that are made from grapes grown on the high slopes of Mount Vesuvius, inland from Naples. Watch out for Feudi di San Gregorio. They make brilliant wines from these slopes and some of their vines have been producing for the past 140 years!!

The region is Campania and the area is Irpinia. It is (surprisingly) damp with about 200 days of rain each year. Farms are small and vines need to compete in a region steeped with a history of mixed farming. This has resulted in vineyards seldom exceeding a half a hectare in size!

Irpinia is the historical name of the Province of Avellino in Campania, one of the largest and most populated regions of Southern Italy.

Irpinia is an area with a deeply rooted agricultural tradition, where some of the most original and enduring European wines are born, such as the red Taurasi and the whites Fiano di Avellino and Greco di Tufo.

Irpinia is a truly unique territory under many aspects: Mediterranean latitudes, mountain viticulture, fresh rainy climate, with wines that for their style and character are very different from classic “southern” stereotype.

from Feudi di San Gregorio – Il Patriarchi

Sandy soils and, in this case volcanic soils, are poor hosts to the vine louse Phylloxera. This allows vines to grow un-grafted for many millennia. Some of the vineyards at Feudi di San Gregorio are pergola or high trellised and have been in existence for over a hundred years.

The San Gregorio name came from a Pope Gregory who is reputed to have farmed these same vineyards.

Feudi di san Gregorio ( imported by Cassidy Wines) produces exquisite and delicate white wines from the Falanghina grape, structured and rich white from Fiano di Avellino and mineral rich (almost full bodied) white Greco di Tufo based wines. These are special wines where no oak ageing is allowed to interfere with the grapes expressing themselves. They are pure, crisp and delicious.

In addition, Cassidy’s has imported the Aglianico based Taurasi DOCG wine. It is full and soft with fabulous depth and a length from its 18 month barrel ageing.. Great with roasts. With time we may see more from the Feudi di San Gregorio portfolio. For now we can enjoy the quality and excellence from the range that we are fortunate to have available to us.

Ancient Vine at Feudi di San Gregorio