Feighery’s Farm Beetroot Juice: Exellence

We hear a lot about keeping our food miles as low as we can. (Then we’re tempted with greens from Peru!) This week I tasted an award winning (Blas na h’Eireann 2019) juice from Co. Offaly that gives us:

a ton of IRON

stacks of the antioxidant BETALAIN

Vitamin A

Vitamin C

loads of FIBRE

great source of PROTEIN

high levels of POTASSIUM



and did I say high in NITRATES for all of us lucky souls that headed out in the Dublin City Marathon (again) last weekend! Yes, this is a healthy juice that delivers on Taste, Style and Food Miles …. and I have always loved Beetroot.

This year Anne Marie Feighery launched the Feighery’s Farm Beetroot Juice. Its 70% home grown beetroot with 30% Tipperary apples. The taste is Fantastic! Anne Maries credits her father’s farming skills and enquiring mind, the Moorepark Teagasc Food Research Centre in Cork and the SuperValu Food Academy.

I like the father bit. Anne Marie writes – ‘ Farming since 1957, he has accumulated over the years a vast knowledge in soil health and food nutrition. For as long as I can remember he has been deeply invested in this topic, constantly reading books and various studies researching soil and human health and that What really enthused me was listening to my father explain to me the various studies he had read, one of particular interest to him: the association of beetroot juice and lowering high blood pressure. Isn’t this Fabulous?

It’s of massive importance and a huge helping hand to me that my family grow the beetroot for my juice and are a huge support network around my new venture. Provenance I believe is key and definitely more important than ever to the Irish consumer.

Anne Marie Feighery

Irish Home Grown Beetroot Juice from the Feighery’s Farm in Co. Offaly. Absolutely excellent.