Lingenfelder: Wines from Germany worth exploring

Georg Lingenfelder has a rich history to draw from. His family has been making wine in the Pfalz region of Germany since 1520! Georg is the 14th generation of Lingenfelder winemakers. Have a look at the Lingenfelder history on their website HERE. It’s a captivating story.


Georg visited the WinePod late last year at the O’Briens Wine Festival held at Dublin Castle. He told us of his family and their wines.  It’s a great story and one that continues to evolve as Germany reaps the benefits of warmer summers.

See HERE for a listing of Lingenfelder wines available in Ireland.  

While each wine is exquisite I do have my three favourites.

1. Scheurebe Single Vineyard 2013 10.5% aromatic light grapefruit, a touch of herbal spice and sweetness. Sensational and luxurious. Love the low alcohol.

2. Dornfelder Fox Label 2017 12.5% Very distinctive style of wine – distinct acidity in a fleshy, edgy mix of red fruits. Fabulous colour. Brilliant and versatile food wine.

3. Riesling Bird Label 2018 11.5% Classic lines of fine acidity balanced with a light residual sweetness. Lovely development on the bouquet – wholly refreshing and modern wine.

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