Spain at SuperValu: Rioja Reserva double up!

Wines from Spain continue to perform very well in Ireland. About time say the experts. Maybe, maybe not. Ireland has shown time and again that it is no fool when it comes to being swayed by brands and marketing. Perhaps Ireland waited and its patience has paid off. Spain is making cracking good wines right now! Always did in Rioja and Jerez and a few other areas. Right now, however, there are loads of regions and styles from all across Spain worth trying.

Ireland has never been the wine fool. Think back to when Jacob’s Creek was our runaway brand leader. The quality was (still is..) fantastic. Santa Rita is our current leader. Once again. Fabulous quality. Did we follow the UK into its Lambrusco boom in the 1980’s/90’s. No. Did we jump on the Rosé bandwagon when most of the affordable wines available were only sweetened blushes? No. At the same time did we continue to support Rioja. Yes. How about ‘finding’ Torres‘ red wines long before the UK? Yes, we Did! Now that Rosé wines are crisp and dry with stunning fruit length have we dived right on in. Yes. Yes, we have!

The point is made that we plough our own furrow. Sure, we are influenced by the rest of the world. Why shouldn’t we? After all we are wine savvy but very small at the same time. We need to choose well.

Campo Viejo Rioja Reserva - WINE | O'Briens Wine

This brings me to SuperValu ( last you say..). Currently ‘Wine of the Month’ at SuperValu is the Reserva from Rioja brand leader Campo Viejo at the fine offer of €12.00 (back from €16). The term Reserva is legally protected in Rioja and tells us that for red wine it has spent a minimum ageing between oak barrels and the bottle of three years, of which at least one has to be in barrels, followed and complemented by a minimum 6 months’ ageing in the bottle. It will have the rich red symbol on the back of the bottle. And the bottle will be numbered! A locked in guarantee ..

July | 2019 | foodwineclick

The interesting and good news is that if you miss out on the SuperValu Wine of the Month Offer this month then you have another bite at the Reserva cherry next month! From the 14th of August the SuperValu Wine of the Month will be Marques de Riscal Reserva at €16.00 (back from €21.99)

We need to choose well?

Easy when offers like these come around on the double!