Spanish Wine Week: CELEBRATE!

Once a year we celebrate Spanish Wine Week. It is organised with their usual brilliance by the commercial arm of the Embassy of Spain – and I don’t use the word brilliance lightly.

Ireland imports from every country that makes wine. We are very good at it! Naturally, they would all like us to support their wines. Very few offer us much supportand no-one does it as well as Spain does. This year Spanish Wine Week runs from the 12th to the 18th of October

Perhaps that’s why Spain continues to increase its share of our market. Maybe that’s why we continue to discover new and exciting styles, grapes, regions of origin and winemakers.

This year the full programme of events can be seen at the Food and Wines from Spain website HERE. Highlights include the following:

A zoom webinar with Harriet Tindall MW and prestigious Spanish winemakers such as Jan Peterson, from Bodega Rey Fernando de Castilla, Jonatan García from Bodegas Suertes del Marqués, Sara Pérez from MasMartinet and Telmo Rodriguez under the subject of The progress of tradition a discussion on the evolutionary journey of Spanish wine. This will be on Tuesday the 13th of October at 11 am.

Sevgi Tüzel from a A Wine Idea will be doing diverse masterclasses together with different Masters of Wine from Spain such as Andreas Kubach with A journey through Spanish wines, Jonas Tofterup with The Crunchy wines from Galicia and Almudena Alberca with 4 regions, 1 grape: Tempranillo. And, an online wine tasting too. These will run from the 14th till the 17th of October. You will find all the details here: A wine Idea

Across the country retailers and, if posssible, retaurants will offer discounts and special offers on wines from Spain. Most of these can be seen at the Spanish Wine Week web page.

Over the past Year (and beyond) WineIreland and my very successful (thanks everyone!) podcast Kevin Ecock’s WinePod have featured winemakers from across Spain.

While we may not be able to visit these vineyards and wineries right now its still great to sit back and listen to their energy, enthusiasm and brilliance. So, over the next week listen back to one or all of the following podcasts. Enjoy.

Ochoa in Navarra: A distinctly Brilliant Wine Family

Santalba : a Rioja Podcast with Bodega Santalba

Majorca Wine: Jose Gonzalez of Can Xanet

Gonzalez Byass: Tio Pepe and a Whole lot More!

Tandem Wines in Navarra: a José María Fraile podcast

Pablo from Garmón: Ribera del Duero

Terras Gauda: Risa Baixas, Galicia

SuperValu Spanish Wine Fair 2019