Martin Codax: Rias Baixas, Monterrei and Bierzo Wines

Martin Codax is a superb story of co-operation, innovation and independence. When its grower members came together back in 1986 the world, for the most part, had never heard of wine from Galicia, tasted Albarino or could pronounce Rias Baixas.


Today, white wine from the region has captivated the world of wine to the extent that Albarino from Rias Baixas is considered the Finest of Spanish white wines. In this episode Celina Rodriguez guides us through the region, its subzones and, of course, the wines of Martin Codax.

Martin Codax also produces Mencia based wines from Bierzo (Cuatro Pasos) and Godello based wines from Monterrei (Mara Martin).  All three regions and their wines are represented in Ireland by Barry and Fitzwilliam. The story behind how the Cantabrian Brown Bear conservation programme is supported by Martin Codax is fabulous. Read it HERE.

Martin Codax Albarino will feature in the forthcoming SuperValu Spanish Wine Sale. More about that on closer to the middle of February. In anticipation of that I attended a SuperValu webinar for the press a couple of weeks ago and listened once more to the Martin Codax story.  It is so good I just had to bring it to our Podcast!

Celina tells us that Martin Codax has the ability to determine wine style according to where the Albarino has been grown within the Val do Salnes. This allows for different styles within the one subzone.

In this episode I am guilty of telling two of my own stories from a visit I made to Galicia as far back as 2002. Apologies for my indulgence as the Martin Codax story is told to us here so brilliantly by Celina Rodriguez. Enjoy.


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