Otherside vineyards: Harvest 2021 beginning now!

I don’t know why, but once a year I react with suprise that grapes are being harvested in February. My ‘Otherside Vineyards‘ are, of course, in the Southern hemisphere. They’re preparing for winter! Before that happens they get to enjoy Autumn, watch their grapes ripen and then begin their harvest with abandon.

This week I received reports from both Chile and New Zealand. I expect others to follow from South Africa, Australia, Argentina and more.

In a couple of weeks I will podcast at Kevin Ecock’s WinePod a number of up to date harvest reports direct from vineyards. One of these will be with Clive Weston from Nautilus Estate in New Zealand’s South Island Marlborough region. Nautilus is a long time favourite of mine, a member of New Zealand’s prestigous Family of Twelve and an alumni of our podcast from back in March 2019. Listen HERE.

One the phrases used in the Nautilus Report caught my eye. It was part of a Tasting Note by Cameron Douglas MS on the ‘Paper Nautilus Sauvignon Blanc 2019’. He describes the wine in detail (read HERE) and then says, ‘Flavours mirror the nose and develop more complexity as the wine relaxes in the glass‘. As the wine relaxes in the glass. Doesn’t that just make you feel like curling up with one of these fabulous wines!

Back to the Nautilus Harvest! It looks very good in terms of quality but light on quantity.

A few frosty mornings in early spring and then cooler weather in November/December has had a moderating effect on crops, meaning crop levels are below average across all varieties, but especially so with Pinot Noir.  The rest of the summer has been ideal, with warm days and a recent move to cooler nights and limited rainfall.  The grapes are now ripening fast and we expect a short, compressed harvest period.  We are likely to be swapping between the early varieties and sparkling grapes before settling in to the Sauvignon harvest from week three.   Quality looks exceptional and we just hope the weather remains stable for the next few weeks until the grapes are safely in tank at the winery.

Nautilus Estate of Marlborough

Vintage 2021 – UnderWay