Easter Wine? Centra has some fine New World offers.

What is Easter Wine? Well it could be a Rioja Reserva with your lamb or it might be a Banyuls with your chocolate! Maybe its just all about sitting around having a good value glass of wine to relax with.

Some gooey S'mores that are a real treat from Centra - EVOKE.ie

CENTRA has announced good value from the ‘New World’ (is there such a place?! supposed to be the countries that have been ‘found’ by the ‘Old World’!). The Sale features trusted brands such as DADA €10.00, Graham Norton’s Own €12.00 and Oyster Bay €10.00.

Carmen Insigne Cabernet Sauvignon

The main excitement should centre around the Insigne label from Carmen in Chile. Made under the guidance of the wonderful wine maker Emily Faulconer (sounds a bit like Wonder Woman!) this is a cracking range of wines that you wouldn’t be ripped off by buying at €12.00 a bottle. It’s only €8.00 in this Sale. BARGAIN TIME!

Happy Easter from Centra. Happy Easter to Centra.

Insigne Cabernet Sauvignon features in the ‘100 AWEsome Wines 2021‘ published by the Association of Wine Educators!