Centra goes Italian: Ciao Bella!

Is it right to describe wine as ‘beautiful’? Am I Over the top? Getting too fussy? I don’t think so. Especially when it comes to the Wines of Italy. When I’m cornered into letting peopole know what my favourite wine is my go to answer is ‘Italy’. This both deflects th question because, let’s face it, noone should be asked to name their favourite child and, it confirms the extraordinary depth of quality available in the wines of Italy. Not trying to confuse but just confirming; there’s nothing wrong with ‘Ciao Bella’

Right now and into Easter weekend Centra has brought us some fine value from Italy. This is where you don’t have to do too much thinking! Just grab one of these ‘Bella’s’ and you won’t go far wrong!!

I’ve been a long time fan of Gavi – just above Genoa. The Cortese grape gives the wine textural and herbal elements that allows it to ally itself to food with a great deal of ease. Crisp edges makes this very refreshing. Serve well chilled. Ricosso Gavi €12.00 (back from €14.99)

Drop down into Tuscany and you’ll find that its Chianti’s have never been better! Gone are the days of churning out vast volumes from vast cellars of light and innocuous pretenders. Today’s Chianti’s have style, character and a great deal of enjoyable fruits.

Sammichel Chianti Riserva €9.00 is a bargain and half at this price! A Riserva like this is a fab match for your lamb IF you have given the roasting a healthy mix of wild herbs. The Sangiovese grape has an impressive acidic edge to it that just loves to soften out your meat proteins.

Italy right now is a go to place for the Pinot Grigio grape. It’s refreshing, fruit filled and enjoyable. Equally, Italy has found itself at the centre of a love affair with Prosecco. Each of the Emotivo Pinot Grigio €8.00 and the Griffon Prosecco Frizzante €7.00 will get you through Easter in style. That said, the bolstered styles of each of the reds Castel Mondo Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore €10.00 (rich, bitter sweet cherry), the Il Capolavoro Appasimento (rich fruits, spicy and lightly peppered) €10.00, the Barone Montalto Passivento €10.00 (from Sicily : great price!) and the BIG Costa Mediana Amarone €16.00 (down from €25.00: grab this as an impressive gift!) will all warm the cockles with their big personalities.

Something for everyone to Live Every Day? Absolutely. Ciao Bella Centra!