La Kav Wines has a Fabulous Vineyard and Winery – in Ireland.


La Kav Wines is the brainchild of Arnaud Clopin. It sells a selection of well sourced wines from France at Arnaud’s wife is a Kavanagh and he is French – hence La Kav. All straight forward so far!

La Kav Wines also has a vineyard on the East coast near Gorey in Co. Wexford. Visit the La Kav website and fly over it in a drone. It is spectacular!

When I visited Arnaud at his vineyard the weather wasn’t as good as it was for the drone. It was winter. Have a look at what 5,000 vines in Ireland on a couple of hectares looks like. Fabulous.

Afterwards we visited the La Kav winery in Gorey town, tasted the wine (white, fresh lemon and thyme, 11.5% excellent) and recorded this podcast. Enjoy the story.

It is unique and quite brilliant.