SuperValu Italian Wine Sale: NOW ON!

To be fair SuperValu refers to this as the SuperValu Italian Wine Event. Sounds much better and is indeed a lot more accurate as the SuperValu team has sourced quite a few of the wines on sale specifically for this event. These are the Guest Wines and they are very much in the bracket of Grab ’em Now ‘cos they might not be around again soon.

Buying for a wine event must be a heap of fun. Buying for an Italian wine event must be that AND an exploration! Italy continues to amaze and delight with the sheer volume of quality grapes in its vineyards. For us that means an almost unlimited palette of styles available. Take all of that into account and remember that Italy is a very long country, encompassing a great number of climate types to grow vines in, with vines growing from top to bottom of the country often with millennia of experience within the wine growing villages and families. What a fabulous country to bring a wine event from.

Right now Chianti (Tuscany) is undergoing a revival with regards to quality. The Zonin Chianti is top class value here at €10.00

Mind you the Masi Campofiorin from the Veneto, the SuperValu Wine of the Month, at €15.00 is really fabulous. Masi is currently celebrating the Boscaini family’s 250th harvest! Listen to our podcast all about Masi with Giacomo Boscaini HERE

While Italy does not garner as many plaudits for its white wines as it does for its reds (Barolo, Barbaresco, Vino Nobile di Monetpulciano, Primitivo, etc etc!) we have to pay our respect to the three white V’s – Vernaccia, Verdicchio and Vermentino. There’s a reason why the Italians love these dry whites with their meals – crisp dry makes summer time meals taste better!

This is an Event that brings us variety from Italy. Grab ’em Now. It all ends on June 7th