Prophet's Rock in Central Otago: A Paul Pujol Winemaker Podcast

A Prophet on St Patrick’s Day! A coincidence and a welcome one.  


The world and the world of wine is packed full of great people and great stories. Right now as we battle against something we can’t see and, hopefully, an enemy most of us will never feel we need to believe that what we have achieved to date is worthwhile** and that we will be able to pick up the reins again in the near future. Keep Safe and Keep Well.

Prophet’s Rock is a winery in Central Otago on the South Island in New Zealand. It’s winemaker is Paul Pujol. They make some of the finest and most natural wines in the world. Paul has a fine story to tell and we are so glad he came in to the WinePod to tell it to us.

Prophet’s Rock wines are distributed in Ireland by Gilbeys/ Bibendum.  


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** One extraordinary achievement has been a gradual move across the world towards more sustainable farming. This is noteworthy because we have witnessed over the past 50 years immense changes in farming practice. The results have been increased yields, homogeneity, less disease and, in the developed world, readily available produce. More recent results have also seen a dramatic reduction in insect populations, increased allergies and a distinct imbalance across the world with regards to food access. We are now standing at a crossroad where our choices are slim and in some respects a lot bleaker than we had imagined they might be as we looked forward 50 years ago.

Our choices include how we farm, what we farm and who we choose to feed. The latter here is not something we should have a control over. Food, air and freedom should never be commoditised. Unfortunately, they always will be. What to do. Adopt simple principles. Stick to them.

Cleanest food, air and freedom, available to as many as possible as easily as possible. Naive? Definitely. Possible? Probably not. Worth believing in? Absolutely!