Celebrating International Womens Day: our Women in Wine podcasts

Over the past year or so we have been fortunate to interview many fabulous women in wine. As a small contribution to Internatioanl Womens Day we have gathered these together for you here.


Our very first interview for Kevin Ecock’s Wine Pod was with the fabulous Julie Dupouy, sommelier extraordinaire. I met with Julie at the Santa Rita Wine Room at Monty’s of Kathmandu in Dublin. We had a chat on what it takes to be a world class sommelier. Julie was the first woman to make to the final round of the world sommelier finals – that makes her the world’s leading female sommelier! LISTEN HERE.

We followed up our first podcast by keeping it Irish and celebrating the brilliant fruit wines of the Wicklow Way Wines. We recorded husband and wife team Pamela and Brett Stephenson at their custom buily winery winery in NewtownmountKennedy, Co. Wiclow.Wicklow Way Wines markets Strawberry, Blackberry and Raspberry Moineir Wines. LISTEN HERE

Our next interviews with women in wine took place at the launch of the SuperValu Spanish Wine Fair 2019. While this podcast featured a bunch of men also (well, Brett Stephenson has just crept into this blog above!) it would be remiss not to mention the contribution that Carmen Puche from Bodegas Castano (region of Yecla in Murcia) and Raquel Santalaya (see right) with the 500 Manos label (region of Carinena). LISTEN HERE

Angela Lewis has worked with Villa Maria for many years now and shared her story and that of Villa Maria itself with the WinePod. It’s a great story! Villa Maria is New Zealand’s most awarded winery, is a member of New Zealand’s ‘Family of Twelve‘ and was that year (2019) voted the third Most Admired Wine Brand in the WorldLISTEN HERE

This is developing into a great lineup!

As part of the arrival of Bibendum Wines to Ireland (was branded Gilbeys with Bibendum but is now simply known as Bibendum Ireland) the Wine Pod interviewed a number of excellent people including a few minutes with Maria Otero of Adegas Galegas in Spain – how can we resist the wines of Galicia – ah, the grapes of Godello, Mencia and Albarino!!  LISTEN HERE

In September 2019 we chatted with Hilde Loulier, export director at Maison Brotte, one of the finest estates in Chateauneuf du Pape – home to the legendary la Fiole du Pape.Maison Brotte also brings us wines from most of the major Rhone appelations. in each case these are wines of the highest quality made with the finest care and diligence. The Brotte label signifies trust and quality. Hilde told us how that came about, what Brotte brings us today and quite a lot more. It’s a great listen. Enjoy. Thanks to Brian Hogan of Cassidy Wines (Maison Brotte agents in Ireland) for the image.  LISTEN HERE

Terras Gauda is a winery in the O Rosal sub region of Rias Baixas in Galicia. They make the most brilliant Rias Baixas wine from Albarino grapes. By this I mean an enormous volume of very ripe, peach like fruits followed on the palate by a distinct rich, hay and mineral spiciness. Delightful is too small a word! In this podcast we are joined by Mar Dopazo from Terras Gauda. Mar Guides us through Galicia and beyond. This is the story of brilliant and modern wine making in Spain. LISTEN HERE

The WinePod met up with Jenna Bruwer of Springfield Estate – one of our MOST favourite wine estates in the whole world! Why? Honesty. Springfield is in Robertson, South Africa. The Bruwer family has been running the Estate quite simply for a very, very long time. In this podcast Jenna tells us how they make their wines and why they are unique. It’s amazingto see how different the two Sauvignon Blanc wines (Life from Stone and Special Cuvee) are and then find that their grapes are grown so close to each other. LISTEN HERE

On what was our first Zoom recorded podcast due to Covid 19 we were joined by Neasa Miquel. Neasa is from Ireland and has worked alongside her French husband Laurent (see right) to make the Laurent Miquel family estate in the Languedoc into one the finest of its kind. Visit their website. It’s an informative trove about the Miquel estates and the wines of the Languedoc. LISTEN HERE

Wink Lorch published ‘Jura Wine‘ in 2014 and followed it with ‘Wines of the French Alps‘ in 2019. Both books were researched to the ‘nth’ degree, very well laid out and filled important gaps that had been left behind by almost every wine book before them. In this podcast Wink talks of the pitfalls associated with self publishing and how she became a leading expert on wines that are unique among their peers. We are introduced to the vagaries and brilliance of Jura Wine and then (almost have time to) touch on the wines of the French Alps: Savoie, Bugey and Beyond. LISTEN HERE 

Across the world of wine we hear the word ‘Sustainable‘ again and again. Very often it’s linked to a ‘green movement’ of some vague description, ‘organic viticulture’ and its dislike of artificial fertilisers or just plain old ‘keeping the land in a good condition to pass on to the kids’! Elena Carretero is a leading expert on the subject of sustainability and for many years now has been Sustainability Director with the Santa Rita Wine Group in South America.  In this podcast Elena brings us into her world where every facet of the Santa Rita Group is linked into being a sustainable enterprise that can be DefinedMeasured and Managed.     LISTEN HERE

Huia is an organic and biodynamic vineyard in the Marlborough area of the South Island in New Zealand. The wines they make are exceptional and are bolted to their makers Claire and Mike Allans‘ belief that nothing should be taken from the land that cannot be returned to it. Their agents, Classic Drinks write that, ‘grape juice is probably the only element that is permanently removed from Huia Vineyards‘. In this podcast Claire Allan brings us into the Huia world where they create wines that have an immense depth of pure fruit bursting from every glass. LISTEN HERE

 I was fortunate to visit the vineyards of Navarra in northern Spain a couple of years ago. I was doubly fortunate that one of the wineries we visited is owned and run by the Ochoa family. These days Bodegas Ochoa, near the fabulous town of Olite, is run by sisters Adriana (winemaking) and Beatriz (Sales and Marketing). It is quite brilliant to see how professional each sister is, how well they work together and and yet how independent they are one from the other. Ochoa is a true family team that makes very good wine. LISTEN HERE

Springfield Estate has been one of my favourite ‘go to’ places for a long time now. See above! Why? Because it makes fabulous wines that have shown a profound respect for the land long before ‘Sustainability’, ‘Organic’, and other trending monikers were in use across the wine trade at all. In this podcast Jeanette Bruwer brings us on a journey through the Robertson wine growing region of South Africa and into its Springfield Estate where the Bruwers practice a very traditional way of making wine. This is natural wine making at its best where wild yeast and whole bunch fermentations take on a whole new meaning! The wines speak for themselves and pay homage to the family motto: Made on Honour. LISTEN HERE

Wine Australia is keen to tell us all about their Australian Wine Discovered platform. It’s an online educational resource available for FREE for EVERYONE to enjoy, explore and to learn from …. ….  and it is quite Brilliant! In this podcast Emma Symington MW (Education Development Manager at Wine Australia) chats with us about what makes the Australian wine trade tick. Indeed, how does Australia produce many of the finest wines available to us? A good starting point is the sheer size of the continent, its many climates and soils, its people and, of course, the longevity of its grape growing tradition. Oldest vines in the world are here folks! 

Highbank Orchards in Cuffesgrange Kilkenny makes a bewildering array of multiple award winning products – all based on their organic cider apples. This year Highbank released an Irish Apple Wine. While it’s obviously an organic product the manner in which it is made is unique. In this podcast Rod Calder Potts explains all. In particular Rod focuses on his aplliance of organic techniques and what terroir means to his family.  We published this story over two episodes. In Part 2 Ruth Calder Potts joins her father in telling what is a fabulous story for an brilliant range of products. LISTEN HERE and Part 2 HERE

Martin Codax is a superb story of co-operation, innovation and independence. When its grower members came together back in 1986 the world, for the most part, had never heard of wine from Galicia, tasted Albarino or could pronounce Rias Baixas.Today, white wine from the region has captivated the world of wine to the extent that Albarino from Rias Baixas is considered the Finest of Spanish white wines. In this episode Celina Rodriguez guides us through the region, its subzones and, of course, the wines of Martin Codax. LISTEN HERE

Maison Joseph Drouhin is one of the leading practitioners  of biodynamic and organic viticulture in the world. They are also one of the leading high quality producers of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay based wines from both Europe (Burgundy) and North America (Oregon).In this podcast Veronique Drouhin, winemaker at Maison Joseph Drouhin and Domaine Drouhin Oregon, explains to us how she works with her three siblings, FrédéricPhilippe, and Laurent, and also alongside their father Robert, to maintain the magic and excellence of the wines of Drouhin. It really is a truly remarkable story. LISTEN HERE

I am fascinated to hear from Janet Wang that wine making in China has a 9,000 year history. Incredible as that seems Janet still refers to wine in China as being both new and old. Janet Wang is a complete expert on everything to do with wine in China. Her bookThe Chinese Wine Renaissance, is rich with both historical records and contemporary accounts. It is an important reference to a country where more vines are being planted than anyhwere else in the world. It is an account of a country where wine has been re-imagined.


Tomorrow we publish another leading light in the world of Women in Wine. This time it is Federica Boffa of Pio Cesare one of Italy’s and Barolo/Barbaresco leading labels. Kevin Ecock’s WinePod Kevin Ecock’s WinePod is brought to us with the assistance of the Santa Rita Wine Room at Monty’s of Kathmandu – an excellent place to host your next event or celebration.

Federica Boffa with her father Pio